A Case Study – In Principle

The trees represent two movement presentations. The height of the trees are the same, indicating that the same amount of work can be performed by both individuals. The presentation on the left shows a small foundation of movement competency with a significant amount of strain on the movement system. The presentation on the right shows the opposite.

Over time the presentation at the left will lose the ability to perform the same amount of work, the size of the movement capacity will decrease – this change will show itself as a reduction in range of movement, strength, the presentation of pain and the loss of integrity of the parts involved in movement with inflammation and fibrotic changes over time (arthritis, tendinopathy, bursitis, nerve compression, muscle strains).

The presentation on the right maintains the same capacity for movement over time and remains move-able.

An important diagnostic point then is the quality of movement an individual presents with. The quality of movement will decide whether the capacity for movement will increase or decrease over time, with movement. Moveable Physiotherapy can help you to understand your tendencies and problems with movement in order to eliminate pain and injury and improve performance over time.