Ryan Craig, Physiotherapist

Ryan is an experienced physiotherapist who treats all musculoskeletal pain and injury. He is earnest, thorough and enjoys pushing the boundaries to see what is possible with physical therapy for his clients. He understands the deep desire to be pain free and move easily in order to pursue the things that are most important in life and is dedicated to helping you enjoy your life to its fullest. He uses an understanding of ideal human movement, the latest neuroscience and a common-sense, problem-solving process to help you achieve your goals.

Primary Formative Certifications 

Fascial Manipulation (Stecco), Level 1 and 2Fascial Manipulation2021https://www.fascialmanipulation.com/en/
Clinical Course A and BDynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation2021https://rehabps.com/REHABILITATION/Home.html
Ridgway Method Paradigm TrainingRidgway Institute International2019http://ridgwaymethod.com
Selective Functional Movement AssessmentFunctional Movement Systems2017https://www.functionalmovement.com


Bachelor of PhysiotherapyAustralian Catholic University2016